Live Review: Yelawolf's "Slumerican Made Tour"

 Tons of eager fans gathered in the brisk air on the blocks surrounding the corner of 11th and Lincoln Street. 

Eugene, OR- This last Tuesday, Alabama born hip-hop artist, Yelawolf, paid a visit to our very own WOW Hall. The energy in the air buzzed as the crowd anxiously waited to make there way passed security and into WOW, which had been transformed into a retro Mexican frontier. Entering the hall, one saw, an old-fashion Mexican blanket spread across a table along with cans of Monster Energy Drink and PBR, single candlesticks burning and a bull’s skull in the left corner of the stage. Center stage, we find a large black flag with white stars and lightening bolts hanging and DJ Klever’s equipment encased in the front half of a black 1949 Chevy pickup truck with white detailing. 

The night started off incredibly strong with openers- Big Henry, followed by Rittz, elevating the sold out audience’s liveliness to new levels. Rittz performed several favorites off of his newest album “Next to Nothing”- released September 9, 2014- including “Turn Down”, “Bounce”, “White Rapper”, and “Like I Am”. Both, Big Henry and Rittz’s, quick, articulate rhymes and gripping acapella flows, engaged the crowd- making them rowdy and more than prepared to see their headliner. 

Smoke emitted and the crowd erupted as Yelawolf took the stage- opening with “Honey Brown”, a single off his upcoming album “Love Story”.  Featuring a wide variety of material off of several of his albums- a few songs performed by Yelawolf during his set were “Pop The Trunk” and “I Just Wanna Party”. For two of the more serious songs of his set, Yelawolf got up close and personal, gracing the audience with the removal of his sunglasses. The remainder of his set embraced the passion and energy that was being emitted from both on stage and the crowd, getting so rowdy beer was exploded onto the audience from the stage. 

Yelawolf mixes the lyricisms and rhythmic beats of rap, the head-banging dynamics of rock, and the authentic twang of his Southern roots to connect with broad audiences- making him perfect for collaborations and features with artists such as Ed Sheeran, Big Hud, Hopsin, Juicy J, and A$AP Rocky. 

As an ending to another incredible sold out show on the "Slumerican Made Tour", Yelawolf had Rittz rejoin the stage to perform "Box Chevy". He then gave the audience a preview of "Whiskey In A Bottle"- off his upcoming album- and closed with his hits "Daddy's Lambo" and "Till It's Gone".

The tour kicked off in Birmingham, AL, Wednesday- October 22 and is set to wrap up in Nashville, TN, Sunday- December 21, 2014. Coming in on the last stretch of his “Slumerican Made Tour”, Yelawolf has sold out nearly every venue so far. Yelawolf’s highly anticipated, upcoming album, “Love Story”, has had consistent postponement and the release date has not yet been announced. It is said to be a more passionate album compared to that of his debut and hopes are it will be released late 2014, early 2015.