Live Review: The Lone Bellow's Tour

They enticed us, captured us, and forever stole our hearts with their perfectly pitched 3-part harmonies and heartfelt lyrics. 

Growing up in the same neighborhood of Brooklyn, these three previously solo artists, met at a local diner one morning and performed together for the first time in 2010. The result was nothing short of magical with lead singer and main songwriter, Zach Williams, recalling, “Three songs in I realized I should quit what I was doing and just make music with these people.”  

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The inspiration for the trio’s name originated from a ghost story told to Williams by his grandmother when he was a young boy living in Georgia and the rest was history. When trying to describe this group’s original and eclectic sound, iTunes describes it as “a polished pastoral blend of acoustic folk, country rock, Southern gospel, and blue-eyed soul”, while Williams of The Lone Bellow says “it’s like a smorgasbord of sound with whatever kind of emotion is needed. We really just play what comes natural.” 

With either description it is very clear The Lone Bellow take their authenticity and sound truly to heart. First time in Eugene, this show was one unlike any other from start to finish. With only roughly thirty-forty people in attendance, opener, Hugh Bob and The Hustle, and headliner, The Lone Bellow, both received standing ovations and cheers of encore requests being shouted from the crowd. When walking into WOW Hall, audience members were transported to the South, with rustic lanterns hanging from the ceiling emitting a low, dimly lit atmosphere. This made for an extremely intimate experience for both the audience as well as the performers. “Watch Over Us” brought the crowd to dead silence and after the show; audience members described the experience as captivating. This atmosphere also perfectly fit into The Lone Bellow’s goal of capturing the raw emotion and original feeling of being in the moment that they attempt to capture during their writing process.

When looking for inspiration, female vocalist and mandolin player, Kanene Pipkin, expressed that a lot is drawn from stories of their fans told to them while on the road. “Then we kind of start writing as a means to communicate to the people we’ve met on the road and to honor them,” explained Pipkin. 

For their encore, The Lone Bellow finished with every performer of the night, bringing out Hugh Bob and the Hustle and together performed two songs. Finishing with "Carry Away", one could really feel the family-like closeness between both groups. The audience's energy was magical and the performers, with smiles on their faces, beamed with the enjoyment of an extremely well done performance. The Lone Bellow's response perfectly summed up the events that took place in WOW Hall that warm October, Saturday night. With the utmost gratitude and humbleness they stated

 "Oh man, it was so great and so encouraging. There were moments where you could here a pin drop and then there were moments of pure celebration. It felt very free and the support from the audience was beautiful." 

The Lone Bellow’s newest single, “Then Came the Morning” was released October 7th and their second album is due to release early January 2015.