The Oregon Ducks' Club Lacrosse team began their season by looking extremely strong with a 21-8 win over the Dominican Penguins, February 13th in Eugene, Or.

There was a buzz in the air as the Oregon Ducks Men's Basketball Team defeated Oregon State 91-81 at home in front of a sold out crowd. Tyler Dorsey played with intensity finishing with 25 points, however teamwork and focus where the key factors tonight, in what set the Ducks apart from the Beavers.

A feature package honoring Maurice Pugh the recipient of the 2016-17 Dream All-Star award for exemplary work at the Men's Leadership Academy Youth Council in Sacramento. 

*originally aired on the jumbotron at the Charlotte Hornets vs Sacramento Kings game

The entire night was a battle as the Oregon Ducks shined in a 68-65 victory over the California Bears. The Ducks look to improve with this victory as they host the Stanford Cardinal this upcoming Sunday.